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About the Carmageddon Rally

Have you always wanted to drive the Gumball Rally, but you're still saving for a Ferrari or Aston Martin? Then this is your chance, you can now sign up for an even bigger adventure..

The Carmageddon RALLY is a great challenge for the brave and adventurous traveler and this rally is not suitable for someone who is afraid of the unknown.

It's a fantastic journey in five days across Europe. 

This rally is not about speed, but about skills and creativity! You are faced with daily challanges based on which you can earn points.

Joining the Carmageddon RALLY says something about you and your character.


The Carmageddon RALLY is not only an exciting trip with your old vehicle.. It is a challenging adventure and an experience you will never forget!

The key features of the Carmageddon Rally are originality, low budget, madness, adventure and of course a passion for driving.

But please note..You can only participate if your vehicle is built before 1996 or costs less than 750 EURO.




The first challenge?

The first challenge will be to find a really cheap vehicle or one that is built before 1996 .. Or even better.. a really cheap vehicle build before 1996!
To join the Carmageddon RALLY you have to use your imagination, your hidden talents and your incredible creativity.
Nothing is too crazy and everything is allowed, the most original vehicles will appear at the start.

Dates and Deadlines

Entries are accepted until:

01 June 2016  

START: Monday the 4th of July 2016

END: Friday the 8th of July 2016


Prices you can win

Most points: Free entry for the next edition and eternal fame of being a Carmagaddon Rally winner.

Nicest Vehicle: Free entry for the next edition.

Best photo/film: Free entry for the next edition.

  • About the Carmageddon Rally
  • The first challenge?
  • Dates and Deadlines
  • Prices you can win
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