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Rules & Responsibilities

Even an adventure like this cannot do without some basic rules.

 Listed below are the main ones:


  • Carmageddon RALLY is not all-inclusive trip.


  • Carmageddon RALLY is an extreme rally without the support of the organizers.


  • The vehicle may be decorated. (But this is not mandatory).


  • A valid MOT for at least 3 months at the time of the rally is mandatory.


  • The vehicle must have liability insurance.


  • We recommend you to contact your insurer that you are taking part in the Carmageddon Rally.


  • The vehicle must been built before 1996 or have a maximum value of 750 EURO.


  • Trailers & Caravans are not allowed.


  • All participants must be at least 18 years old (including passengers).


  • All participants who sit behind the wheel must have a valid driving license with no exceptions. Participants who don't have a driving license can join as a passenger.


  • Each participant must abide local traffic rules, speed limits and all other laws and regulations.


  • Winning is not dependent on the speed or time, it is a contest where you will be judged on creativity. The team with the most points wins.


  • It is not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in or on the vehicle, it applies to all team members, even for those who are not behind the wheel.


  • In case of cancellation the registration fee will not be returned.


  • The decorations may not protrude 20 cm.


  • Decorations on the vehicle must not be sharp in case of a collision.


  • There is only a starting place reserved when all required documents and payment are received by the organization and you have received a written confirmation about this.
  • Even an adventure like this cannot do without some basic rules.
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